Sludge piling and loading system in compact version up to 150 m³

  • Shortest loading times due to extremely high discharge capacity
  • Balancing by weighing
  • Completely automated
  • Optimal utilisation of space for pasty materials
  • Semi-mobile
  • Optional conditioning / admixtureof additives
  • Reductionof environmental burdens
  • Robust, reliabletechnology
  • Totheprospectus

Optimised cost-effectiveness

The piling and loading system reduces logistical work processes and increases efficiency, even for existing systems. This is accomplished by replacing garbage containers with one large, closed container. The quick loading is done into tipper trucks with high transport capacity.

Advantages: The trucks accept higher volumes in a shorter time, thus, loading times are cut and transport is more cost-effective. Because there is less transport, this system contributes to reduced environmental burdens.

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HUNING Sludge Silo /- Container up to 150m³

HUNING Sludge storage silo (Erlangen)