Speed conveying floor

  • When dealing with light materials with a low bulk weight
  • Transportation of e.g.: Horse, cow and turkey dung, wood chips, foil chips and other waste materials
  • Compatible with all HUNING containers
  • Output capacity: Up to 50m³/h (product-dependent)
  • Number of sliding beams: 18
  • Sliding beam width: Approx. 180mm
  • Plate thickness: 4mm
  • Material: Stainless steel

Other facts

Container 80 m³

Type: SBC 8.3m x 3.2m x 3m  (LxWxH)   For the conveyance of solid manure with a max. individual piece size of approx. 300 mm  

10000 - 15000 t/a approx. 20000 - 30000 m³/a, approx. 82m³/d

  • Gross volume:    approx. 80 m³
  • Material:            S 235 JR standard steel
  • Total height:      approx. 3,500 mm

Container:   8,300mm x 3,200mm x 3,000mm  (LxWxH) 

Container manufactured from individual segments, for industrial and municipal use. For use with biomass (maize silage) in the sense of the biomass ordinance, with a dry substance content of 19-38 %. Zinc screws used..

 Speed conveying floor:

  • Comprising:                     pushing elements arranged in parallel
  • For each pushing plate:   Width approx.  180 mm, length approx. 8,300 mm
  • Material:                         Stainless steel 1.4301 or similar

Hydraulic power unit for pushing elements:

For controlling the pushing elements, designed as a compact unit. Power unit is delivered and installed complete with all valves and fittings required for operation, the complete hydraulic pipework from the power unit to the sliding frame drive cylinders, with all necessary fittings and fastening materials, oil tank with filter and safety devices for overpressure, min./max. oil level indication, cleaning opening, oil drain port.

Drive power:  approx. 11 kW

Base frame:

Constructed to the static requirements, corresponding steel beams, optional weighing device.

Height: approx. 500 mm