Sludge silos 100 - 700 m³

We plan, construct, manufacture, deliver and install

The sludge silos from HUNING Anlagenbau are distinguished by their robust construction and reliable technology.

The sludge piling container stands on a sturdy, screwed steel construction into which two discharge conveyors are set. These are constantly fed with sludge by the sliding frame and conduct the material to the downstream processing stages. The material can be loaded through the roof or through the container wall.

Advantages of the HUNING sludge silos at a glance

  • Variable filling and emptying capacities
  • Completely automated
  • Optimal utilisation of space for pasty materials in combination with direct loading
  • Optional conditioning / admixture of additives in downstream worm conveyor stretch
  • Reduction of environmental burdens
  • Robust, reliable technology
  • Enamelled silo walls; other versions upon customer request

Schlammsilo Ø 6m

Schlammsilo Ø 8,5m

Schlammsilo Ø 10,5m