Lübeck sewage treatment plant

Temporary solution for the Lübeck sewage treatment plant

The waste disposal services of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck currently dispose of waste the equivalent of approx. 430,000 of the population in their central sewage treatment plant.

In order to better meet future demands and to correspond to current requirements, the city of Lübeck plans to renovate the sludge de-watering. A construction project the requires the utmost care, especially during the transition phase of the de-watering, in order to ensure reliable operation. HUNING Umwelttechnik as well as HUNING Anlagenbau worked together to build a mobile compact plant within a short amount of time to ensure a smooth transition. With two mobile sludge de-watering centrifuges each with a throughput of 40 cubic metres per hour, a fully automatic sludge storage and loading system with a capacity of 150 cubic metres, HUNING can be counted on for disposal reliability. From commissioning to delivery in the middle of November the same year took just under five months. The plant should go into operation before Christmas. Thanks to well-coordinated processes, HUNING was able to meet the deadline without any problems and prove its reliability. For the city of Lübeck, this means an optimal start in the transition phase. In order to give the customer 100 percent reliability, HUNING guarantees a 24 hour support service and carries out regular maintenance.

Kläranlage Lübeck

Sludge piling system in combination with mobile de-watering technology