Niederauer Mühle

Special solution for the intermediate storage and loading of paper sludge for Niederauer Mühle

For Niederauer Mühle, a prominent company in the area of paper production, HUNING constructed a loading system for paper sludge with a bulk weight between 0.7 to 1 to/cbm including feeding conveyor technology and EMSR technology. The sludge is fed via belt systems into an elevated, lateral silo that is accessible from below with a volume of approx. 350 cbm. 

The special texture of the paper sludge leads to special substance characteristics due to the fibre content (strong cohesion and ingress of distinctive time consolidation effects, solidification under mechanical stress, transmission of shearing forces due to high shearing strengths). These substance characteristics place high procedural demands on automated solutions. 

As discharging with conventional sliding frame technology is not controllable or only controllable to a limited extent, HUNING developed, amongst other things, a special solution for this application for the safe discharging of this substance from the silo.

The discharge capacity of up to 300 cbm/h ! leads to extremely short loading times and sets new benchmarks for similar applications. Due to a weighing system integrated into the discharge, loaded quantities can be continuously balanced.

Schlammstapelsystem zur Schnellverladung von Papierschlämmen

Sludge piling system for quick loading of paper sludge