Lagiewniki biogas plant, Instytut Zarzadzania i Samorzadnosci, Poland

New biogas plant with loading system (constructed 2013)

In a newly constructed biogas plant in Lagiewniki, Poland (about 40 km south of Wroclaw), Huning installed its 51 cbm pusher plate system with worm conveyor system in the digester. Intended for the dosing of biomass such as maize silage, our multi-talented pusher plate system SBC can also be retrofitted later, so other substrates such as solid manure and grass cuttings will also be able to be brought in without any problems.

In 2013, Huning delivered a pusher plate system (SBC) for the company Instytut Zarzadzania i Samorzadnosci to ensure solid substrates could be used in the biogas plant. The capacity of 51 cbm was realised. The substrates include maize silage and other harvested substrates. The task was to load the substrate from our SBC dosing system directly into the digestion container.

The SBC is discharged through the built-in stainless steel sliding frames in the SP 300 worm discharge conveyor. From this point, the SBC is connected with the digesting container by a vertical SPV 300 and an SPF 300 digester worm for direct loading of solid matter.

The SBC pusher plate systems were developed for use in biogas plants with widely varying substrates. Volumes of 30 - 220 cbm in the twin version as finished modules are possible.

The SPC model range distinguishes itself from other loading systems especially by its low energy consumption during operation.

Existing SBC systems can be extended with little effort.