Agrivert LTD, Newcastle

The silo system with a filling capacity of 500 cbm with a diameter of 10.25 m is used for the intermediate storage of de-watered sewage sludge treated with lime. Because of the sludge’s low pH value, the silo containers were enamelled and executed with a stainless steel roof that can be walked on.

The elevation of the silo discharge floor with a sliding frame to a height of about 5 m enables direct loading to the transport vehicle through two parallel worm conveyors arranged in the centre of the floor. The high loading capacity of about 100 cbm/h results in correspondingly short downtimes of the transport vehicle and optimises logistics costs.

To minimise noise emissions, loading is carried out in a closed loading hall.

Ever since it was commissioned, the system concept has proven itself in daily operation.

500 cbm sludge piling container with a discharge capacity of 100 cbm/h and closed sludge loading