Amperverband sewage treatment plant

Streamlining of the sludge logistics using two compact systems for the Amperverband

The Amperverband ordered the installation of two sludge piling containers to streamline the sludge logistics as part of an upgrade and renovation of the sludge storage hall at its Geiselpullach sewage treatment plant (near Munich).

The conventional roll-off containers in the sludge storage halls were filled beforehand. This solution increasingly turned out to be uneconomical due to the high transport costs. Due to a simple conveying connection to an existing worm conveyor, two pusher plate containers could be compactly arranged and each connected to another worm conveyor. Both containers are emptied via 3 sliding frames and guide the sludge via the downstream worm conveyor technology to a common incline worm conveyor for the loading of dump trucks.  Each container with a volume of approx. 80 cbm has its own weighing system in order to prevent overloading the vehicles.

Alte Containerverladung Amperverband 6

Old container loading

Amperverband Planung 3

Preplanning for integration of an automated loading system

Amperverband 4

Two 80 cbm compact systems on joint loading conveyors

Amperverband 4

Side view of compact system