Bad Pyrmont sewage treatment plant

Sludge piling system for the Bad Pyrmont sewage treatment plant

The Bad Pyrmont community sewage treatment plant replaced the ageing de-watering plant and decided to install a HUNING pusher plate container with automated loading of the de-watered sludge as part of an overall project. For conveyance into the new piling container, a worm conveyor was installed beneath the discharge chute of the centrifuge. This leads the sludge to an entry worm conveyor and has an additional discharge point for the optional of filling roll-off containers. The piling container has a volume of up to 100 cbm. Filling take place via a special entry worm conveyor on the side through the container wall and results in high utilisation of space. Discharging take place via two pusher plates in the downstream worm conveyor. Dump trucks can be loaded at a capacity of approx. 50 t/h. The container is fully weighed. The substructure of the container has been insulated with a frost protection skirt and can be heated for winter operation. In addition to the mechanical equipment, HUNING also supplied the entire EMSR technology for operating the plant.

Schlammverladung Bad Pyrmont

Bad Pyrmont 80 cbm sludge piling system with insulated and heated underfloor