80 cbm intermediate storage for de-watered sludge at the Branzoll (South Tirol / Italy) location

The system represented here was installed and set into operation in South Tirol. The garbage containers used previously were replaced by automatic pusher plate containers without requiring any construction modifications. Use of the available filling technology resulted in additional lowering of investment costs.

Simultaneous discharge from both containers into a common collecting conveyor, in connection with the loading conveyor, results in a high total discharge capacity and short loading times.

Loading times. This concept is distinguished by:

  • Uncomplicated connection to existing system
  • Reliable, robust technology
  • Short installation times
  • Redundant pusher plate container design
  • Minimised downtimes for transport vehicles thanks to high discharge capacities
  • Fully automatic operation along with the simplest operation
  • Cost-effective operation

Technical key data:

  • Volume: 2 * approx. 60 cbm
  • Sludge piling volume: approx. 80 cbm
  • Discharge capacity: approx. 2 * 20 t/h - 25 t/h = 50 t/h
  • Transport vehicle loading time: approx. 25 - 30 min