Lorsbach sewage treatment plant

Sludge piling system as dryer store at the Lorsbach sewage treatment plant

As a subcontrator, HUNING system constructors provide standardised storage containers with pusher plate discharge for various procedural applications. Due to the modular design, container sizes of 40 to 200 cbm (twin solution) can be created from standardised components and realised with short production times.

An intermediate container (volumes of approx. 40 cbm) with a pusher plate discharge for sludge after de-watering is represented here as the typical application, from which the sewage sludge drying and mineralisation plant is supplied.  It serves as a template for a subsequent drying process. The discharge capacity can be controlled by a worm conveyor and can be adjusted to the requirements of the following processes.

Volagebehälter mit Schubbodenaustrag
Einbau eines Volagebehälter mit Schubbodenaustrag