WFA Elverlingsen GmbH

Sludge receiving system for tipper trucks at WFA Elverlingsen GmbH, Werdohl

WFA Elverlingsen GmbH, a joint company of the Ruhrverband and Mark-E Aktiengesellschaft, has operated an incinerator for communal and industrial sludge at Werdohl-Elverlingsen since 2002. As a result of the changed market conditions, the WFA have retrofit the rail unloading to an additional truck unloading station. The order for construction of the new truck reception point was awarded to HUNING. Due to the technical building restrictions and integration into the existing system technology, construction in existing buildings requires significantly higher planning and communication costs for all participants in comparison to the construction of new systems. In the case of WFA, the challenge was to set up the new plant components in an existing concrete bunker and connect to the existing conveying technology. A bunker of the SBC series with a storage volume of approx. 112 cubic metres was used which is weighed using weighing cells. In order to achieve the high quality requirements of WFA, the entire container floor was designed with a replaceable wear insert. The three manufactured sliding frames made of Hardox are hydraulically driven independently from each other. The hydraulic cylinders are very easy to access via a maintenance platform. The plant is equipped with an on-site control centre with which the corresponding units can be operated in manual mode in the event of an inspection or repair. Otherwise, the plant is operated via the central control room in automatic mode. The pusher plate is equipped with a walkable folding cover in addition to an extraneous material grate. This can be opened and closed via a control button on-site. Discharging from the pusher plate takes place via two heated, insulated and core-less worm conveyors. They convey to two further worm conveyors which have been attached to the existing vertical conveying technology.

WFA Elverlingsen Contatiner aufgebockt

Insertion of the premounted sludge receiving system

WFA Elverlingsen Treppe

Hydraulic pusher plate with maintenance platform