Bremen Farge sewage treatment plant

Sludge stacking silo for hanseWasser Bremen GmbH

On behalf of hanseWasser Bremen GmbH, a 550 cubic metre sludge piling silo was built to expand the storage capacity of the Bremen Farge sewage treatment plant.

The silo is used as intermediate storage for the accruing sewage sludge and is filled with the de-watered sludge via a pressure line. The foundation costs of the plant could be substantially reduced by supporting the silo on a great many individual supports. The cladding the substructure gave rise to a natural operation space in which the silo floor heating and the hydraulic unit were housed to protect them from the weather. Furthermore, the silo is equipped with a manhole which clearly simplifies arising repairs and maintenance. The fill level is monitored by fill level indicators.

The piling silo, with a volume of 550 cubic metres, is discharged through a hydraulic sliding frame and a connected type 460 worn conveyor. The conveying capacity is 50 cubic metres per hour. The sludge is loaded onto trucks by loading screws without further diversions which are already weighed during the loading process on an underfloor weighbridge.

Customer’s opinion

Why did you decide on the technical concept that has now been realised?

“The concept with loading conveyors and weighbridge has a special charm, particularly due to the weighbridge. As this is attached to the control system, the weight is recorded during the loading process and overloading of the vehicle is ruled out. In contrast to alternatives where the truck is filled using wheel loaders and the weight is only determined on the scales. This process is more time-consuming, and frequently results in the overloading of vehicles. Since overloaded vehicles are not permitted to leave our site, for the drivers this means: Unloading again. One can imagine how thrilled the drivers are in such a case. In addition, it was important to us that the plant is easy to operate and can be operated by the truck driver.”

Sascha Deylig (project manager at hanseWasser Bremen GmbH)